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"Float Glass Consultant"
Consulting in operations with over 47 years experience in Float Glass manufacturing.

Guardian Industries U.S.A.
PT Mulia Glass Indonesia
Iran Float Glass Iran
Farun Float China
Shenzhen Float China
Fuyao Float Glass China
Salavatsteklo Float Glass Russia
Obeikan Float Glass - Suadi Arabia

Float Glass Consultant
August 1997 - 1999
PT. Muliaglass
Jakarta, Indonesia
Production Manager - Float Line I

December 1995 - August 1997
PT. Muliaglass
Jakarta, Indonesia
Hot End Manager - Float 1

June 1992 December 1995
PT. Muliaglass
Jakarta, Indonesia
Technical Advisor - Float 1

Aug 1977 October 1991
Guardian Float Glass
Carleton Michigan USA
Hot End Manager - Float 1

August 1970 September 1977
Guardian Float Glass
Carleton Michigan USA
Employed Hot End operations

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"Float Glass Consulting"
Iran Float Glass
Fuyao Float Glass
Stein Heurtey
Belgium Glass Equipment
Chuck W. Roselle
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A typical float glass plant.
This is the raw silica sand that will be melted into glass.
This is where the batch enters the furnace to start the melting process.
The ribbon of glass floats on molten tin.....Float Glass
The float tin bath- the primary tool for Float Glass production.
Monitoring and controling the float glass process.
This ribbon of glass never stops. It serves us all well....Thank You Chuck Roselle.
The Annealing Lehr - The glass is cooled slowly so to induce propers stresses in the glass ribbon. The Glass is being cooled to its final stage to be cut into customer prefered sizes.